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Zhejiang Dream Industry Limited Dongtai Dream Hardware Accessories Factory Xingtai Bosheng Rubber Plastic Products Factory Our two factory is located in Hebei and Zhejiang have 20 years of production experience We are professional at custom designing and manufacturing Stainless Steel Polyurethane Plastic Rubber Aluminium Copper and Brass products We have the Excellent quality competitive price timely delivery and good custom service are what we always look for Sincerely welcome to cooperate with us and win win together Hardware mainly products Stainless Steel Hand Wheel Stainless Steel Lock Pin SS Hinge Stainless Steel Bolt Stainless Steel Joint Stainless Steel Dip Assembly Stainless Steel...

Categories and Products

Hardware Products

Stainless Steel Hand Wheel

Stainless Steel Revolving Handle Hand Wheel Casting Steel Hand Wheel CNC Machine Hand Wheel CNC Milling Machine Hand Wheel with Revolving Handle Precision Casting Stainless Steel Threaded Valve Hand Wheel 

Stainless Steel Pin Metal Pins

CNC Machining Hexagonal Lock Pin CNC Machining Stainless Steel Lock Pin Custom Machining SS316 Pin Machined Stainless Steel Dowel Pin Spring Stainless Steel Dowel Pin Stainless Steel Shear Pin Stainless Steel 304 Lock Pins Stainless Steel Hatch locking Shear Pins Stainless Steel SS316 Lock Pins 

Stainless Steel Hinges Metal Hinges

Construction Metal Iron Door Window Hinge Plastic Stainless Steel 304 Furniture Hardware Hinges Stainless Steel Door Window Hinges Stainless Steel 304 Hinge Stainless Steel Door Window Accessories Hinges 

Stainless Steel Bolts Stud Anchors

Metal Steel Thread Bolt Screw Stud Anchors Metric Stainless Steel U Bolts U Type Bolt SS316 Stainless Steel Bolt Screw Anchors Stainless Steel 304 Hexagonal Bolt Stud Anchors Stainless Steel Concrete Anchors Studs 

Stainless Steel Union Fitting Elbow Nipple

Adapters Pipe Union Elbow Nipple Coupling Joint CNC machining hardware joint thread union elbow nipple Metal Pipe Joint Water Fitting Union Elbow Nipple Metal Pipe Joint Fitting Union Elbow Nipple Metal Steel Thread Joint Union Fitting Elbow Nipple SS Plumbing Fast Assembly Joint Card Fittings Male Thread High Pressure Forged Hammer union fittings Pipe Air Nipple Union Fitting SS 316 Water Bending Nipple Union Fitting Elbow Hydraulic Hose Joint Union Fitting Elbow Nipple Assembly Thread Joint Card Fittings Union Elbow Nipple 

Stainless Steel Bushes Flange Bushing

CNC Machining Stainless Steel Sleeve Flange Bushings Copper Flange Bushing Brass Bushing Bushes Custom CNC Machining Flange Brass Bushing Bushes Galvanized Iron Carbon Steel Bushing Bushes Iron Steel Bushing Adhesive Flange Bushes Machining Stainless Steel Flange Bushing Bushes Machining Stainless Steel Half Bushing Bushes Machining Steel Copper Brass Carbon Holes Bushing Metal Thread Bushing Flanged Bushing 

Stainless Steel Washer Metal Washer

Aluminum Washer Stamping Alu Washer Brass Washer Copper Washer Lock Washer Copper Swirl Washer Brass Flat Washer Custom CNC Machining Brass Half Ring Custom CNC Machining SS316 Washer High Precision Brass CNC Machining Washer High Precision Carbon Steel Bearing Washer High Precision SS 316 Press Washer Lock Washer Stainless Steel Stamping Washer Round Lock Plate Steel Washer Gasket Lock Washer 

Metal Plugs Steel Caps Plugs

Steel Iron Cap Plugs Stainless Steel Cap Plugs 

Metal Boxes Steel Interface Boxes

Coated Color Fire Alarm Interface Metal Back Box Metal Smoke Detector Boxes 

Stamping Metal Steel Products

High Precision Stainless Steel Press Parts Products Stainless Steel 304 Wire Mesh Filter Stainless Steel Plate Round Lock Plate Stamping Steel Iron Products 

CNC Machining Metal Steel Parts

Back Brake Disc Front Brake Disc CNC Machining Brass Parts Custom Machining Brass Parts High Precision Stainless Steel CNC Machining Turning Parts Stainless Steel CNC Machining Products Stainless Steel CNC Machining Union Fitting Elbow Nipple Stainless Steel Fast Assembly Joint Card Fittings 

Casting Machining Customized CNC Parts

Alu Gear Set Thorttel Pinion Teeth 6F5 Wheel Custom Steel Aluminum Number Customized Aluminum CNC Machining Parts Machining Brass Dip Assembly 

Other Customized Hardware Parts

Building Hardware Accessories Parts Products CNC Machining Hardware Union Fitting Elbow Nipple CNC Machining Hardware Steel Parts Products Steel Hardware Parts Fitting Products Factory Iron Metal Bicycle Rack Parts Products SS Stainless Steel 304 Keychain Custom Stainless Steel Keychain SS Mesh Tubes Dripper Copper Coffee Filter Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Coffee Filter Hop Filter Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Coffee Hop Filter Custom Metal Steel Handle Galvanized Steel Hex Nut Colored Galvanized Steel Hex Nut 

Sealing Ring

O Ring

Silicone Polyurethane NBR O Ring FPM VITON FKM O Ring Custom Silicone ACM O Ring Custom High Pressure Casting Polyurethane O Ring Clear Food Grade Silicon Rubber Ring Yellow Silicone NBR VITON EPDM O Ring HNBR Silicone Viton Rubber O Ring Platinum Silica Gel High Temperature VITON O Ring Viton U Seal Ring Red NBR O Ring Green Rubber Viton O Ring NBR Black O Ring Kit ACM SBR CR Black HNBR NBR O Ring NBR Viton X Ring Repair Kit X Ring 

Plastic Washers

CPU Rubber PU Washer Urethane Washer White Rubber Washer Silicone Rubber Washer Color Silicone Washer Clear Rubber Washer Teflon Flat Washer White Teflon Washers Teflon Flat Washer High Temperature Insulating Washer Black Nylon Graphite Shoulder Washer Fiber Carton Washer Fiberglass Flat Washer PET PVC Transparent Plastic Washer Nylon Washer Nylon Shoulder Washer Insulation Washers Machining Nylon Washer Lathe Cut PA66 Washers UHMWPE Washer PE1000 UHWPE Washer Red Paper Shims Hard Insulating Washer Yellow Plastic ABS Square Washer 0.5mm Nylon Washer Plastic Thrust Washer Plastic Shoulder Oil Seal Washer Metric Thrust Nylon Cup Washer PTFE Machining Washers Red Teflon Washers 

Rubber Gaskets

Silicone Rubber Flat Silicone Clear White Silicone Gaskets 0.5mm 40 Durometer A shore Butyl Rubber Gasketes Coffee Cup White Clear Silicone Gaskets Rubber Bonded Seal Gaskets Custom Color Non-Asbestos Gaskets White PTFE Gasket Flat Teflon Gaskets Poly Urethane Washer Gaskets Urethane Cushion Urethane Seal Ring Gaskets Flat Color Urethane Washer Gaskets Black Rubber Engine Gaskets Sponge Gaskets Self-adhesive EPDM Sealing Gaskets 

Rubber Diaphragm

Auto T9 T12 T20 T24 T24L T30 Diaphragms 3519CF1-327 Auto Rubber Diaphragms Green Color Blended Air Brake Rubber Diaphragms Nylon Reinforcing Fabric Rubber Diaphragms Custom Auto T24L Rubber Diaphragms 

Oil Seal

Color Industry NBR Oil Seal Industry Type VC Oil Seal Metal Auto Oil Seal NBR Crankshaft oil seal Clear PU Construction machinery Polyurethane Oil Seals Polyurethane Urethane Poly Seal Ring UN Oil Seals Urethane Cushion Urethane Oil Seal Ring Polyurethane Dust Cover Oil Seal Ring KDAS Composite Seal White PTFE Oil Seal Industry Teflon Oil Seal Crankshaft PTFE Oil Seal Shock Absorber Oil Seal Agriculture Machine Oil Seal NBR Viton Oil Seal FKM Oil Seal Hydropneumatic Wheel Oil Seal Silicone Rubber Oil Seal Wool Felt Oil Seal IVECO 

Bushes Bushing

Polyurethane Bushing

Suspension Polyurethane Bushing Bushes 1273849 Foam Polyurethane Bushing PU Rubber Buffer Foam Rubber Buffer 35M262K 33526754123 124 Auto Coating Polyurethane Torque Rod Bushes Custom Auto Elastomer Elastic Bushing Auto TPU Taper Bushing Polyurethane Conical Sleeve Red TPU Polyurethane Taper Bushing for Trucks Auto Poly Bushes Power Machinery Agricultural Machinery Auto TPU Bushing Polyurethane Torque Rod Bushing Polyurethane PU Suspension Bushing Bushes Colored Urethane Shock Pad Bushing Shoulder Bushings Buffer Cushion Urethane Bushing Coating MPU 

Plastic Bushing

Delrin POM Flanged Sliding Bushing Customized Sleeve PA66 Nylon Flange Bushing Auto Injection Molding Nylon Bushing MC Nylon Bushing Plastic Polyethylene Sprocket Chain Guide Bushing Hight Quality Acetal Derlin Plastic Bushing Boat Grey Nylon66 Bushing Nylon Bear Bushing White PTFE Bushing Telon Bushing Machining Plastic Nylon66 Control Bushings Plastic ABS Bearings Bushing Flanged Bushing Plastic Black Nylon PP PE Bushing Spacers Auto Nylon Iron Hardware Bushing Taper Bushing Fiber Nylon Bushing Kit Delrin Flanged Sliding Bushing Acetal Delrin POM Flanged Sliding Bushing Grey PP Polypropylene Bushing PP Spacers 

Rubber Bushing

Rubber Auto Shoulder Bushings Suspension Shock Absorber Rubber Bushing Suspension Front Stabilizer Rubber Bushing Rubber Shaft Suspension Bushing Rubber Shock Absorber Bushing Rubber Tension Rod Bushing Rubber Motorcycle Bushing Rubber Bush Assy Red Silicone Rubber Shoulder Bushings 55130 4D000 Pillow Ball Bush Bushing Assy 48061-35040 ARM Bushing Prado VZJ 95 OW Big Arm Bushing 48655-28020 48655-58011 Camry ACV30-40 Alphard Standard Arm Bushing Automobile Rubber Taper Bushing Bushes Automobile Rubber Shock Absorption Bushing Black Fibre Rubber Bushing Bush Rubber Front Control Arm Lower Bushing Colorful Rubber Shoulder Bushings 

Buffer Block

PU Urethane Elastic Buffers

TPU MT Type Coupling Spiders Hardness Shore 98 Polyurethane GR28 Elastic Buffers Urethane MT Type Coupling Spiders Plum Flower Mat GS TPU Polyurethane Turret Coupling Spider Red Polyurethane Shaft Coupling Elastic Buffer Spiders Urethane Rubber Shock Absorber Bushing Coupling Spiders Auto Foam Polyurethane Rubber Buffer 35M262K Auto Foam Rubber Buffer 33526754123 124 for BMW Auto Urethane Foam Rubber Buffer 1273849 31331124449 Foam Rubber Buffer for BMW White Color Auto Foam Polyurethane Rubber Buffers Custom Red Urethane Casting Piston Polyurethane Elastomer Urethane Cushion Buffers Piston Elastic Buffer Piston Auto Poly Elastic Buffers Mat For Mack Custom Urethane Polyurethane Elastomer Bumper Shock Absorber Custom Colored Urethane Auto Brake Coupling Buffer Pad Auto Urethane Polyurethane Poly Elastic Buffers Bushing Elevator Rubber Buffer PU Buffer Polyurethane Buffer Auto Polyurethane Shaft Coupling Elastic Buffer Spiders Custom Auto PU Buffer PU Rubber Damper 

Rubber Plastic Buffers

Custom Rubber Damper Pad PVC Coupling Elastic Buffer Mat Washer Bushing Round Plastic Nylon Buffer UHMWPE Damper Rubber Iron Vibration Isolation Buffer Damper NR Rubber Coupling Spiders Buffer Auto Rubber Buffer Anti Vibration Rubber Buffer Custom Auto Rubber Buffer Rubber Spring Damper Clear Plastic Nylon66 PA66 Hardware Metal Buffer Damper Custom Rubber Shock Absorber Buffer Auto Natural Rubber Damper Buffers Bearing Torque Rod Arm Bushing for Shock Absorbers Alu Rubber Buffer Damper Compression Rubber Buffer Acetal Derlin Buffer Nylon Vibration Isolation Buffer Block 40 Durometer A Shore Butyl Rubber Buffer Damper 55270 4F050 Auto Rubber Buffer Damper 

Engine Bracket

Auto Rubber Engine Mounting 124 320 1444 Strut Mount for Benz W124 5010094716 AUTO RUBBER ENGINE MOUNT W023 39 040B Auto Rubber Engine Mounting Auto Rubber Metal Engine Mounting ME011832 Auto Rubber Engine Mounting Rubber Engine Bracket Auto Rubber Urethane Engine Mounting Engine Bracket Auto Rubber Metal Engine Mounting Mounting Support Auto Rubber Engine Bracket Anti Vibration Mounting Rubber Machine Engine Mounts Engine Mountings 

Torque Rod Bushing

Auto Rubber Torque Rod Bushes 48654-28060 48654-33050 CAMRY ACV30-40 ALPHARD LOW SMALL 48654-33040 CAMRY 94 SXV10-20 LOW Small T24C02WS Coating Polyurethane Torque Rod Bushes Coating Urethane Heavy Truck Solid Torque Rod Bushing Rubber Steel Axle Shaft Type Torque Rod Bush Heavy Duty Truck Aftermarket Parts Torque Rod Bushing Heavy Truck Rubber Solid Torque Rod Bushing 

Center Bearing

Rubber Auto Center Bearing Propeller Shaft Centre Bearing Auto Rubber Center Bearing MC 824410 Auto Rubber Driveshaft Center Bearing Auto Center Support Bearing Drive Shaft Center Bearing Mechanical Supporting Drive Shaft Center Urethane Drive Shaft Mounting Center Bearing 

Dust Cover Bellows

Silicone Rubber Dust Cover Polyurethane PU Dust Cover Boot Urethane Dust Cover Silicone Dust Cover Bellows Rubber Dust Cover Boot NR EPDM Square Rubber Dust Cover Bellows Boot Soft Cover Auto Rubber Boots Rubber Caps 

Repair Kit

AS568 Standard Series O Rings Kit NBR70 382PCS European Metric Standard Series O Rings Kit NBR70 DOOSAN DAEWOO O RING KIT COMPONENT O RING Excavators O Ring Kit Component Seal Ring Kits Auto Non-Asbestos Gasket Seal Kits Auto Rubber Oil Seal Repair Kits Diesel Injector Repair Kits Pump Repair Kits Excavators Callipers Repair Kits Forklift Repair Kits Auto Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kits Brake Master Cylinder Steering Repair Kits Loader Repair Kits Snow Vehicle Repair Kits Forklift Truck Repair Kits Cylinder Repair Kits 

Rubber Plastic Products

Gear Wheel

Coating Urethane Polyurethane Converting Roller Custom Cast Urethane PUR Polyurethane Rollers Aluminum Wheel with Applied Urethane Tire Coating Wheel Custom Cast Polyurethane Urethane Idler Roller Wheel Custom Cast Polyurethane Urethane Roller Wheel Custom Label Paper Feeding Urethane Drive Rollers Wheels Custom Precision Cast Iron Polyurethane Wheels Custom Urethane Polyurethane Tread Vulkollan Wheels Custom Precision Cast Urethane Guide Roller Wheel Custom Urethane Roller Bearing Coat Covered Bearings Plastic CNC Precision Lathe Machining Wheel Roller Tooth Gear Injection Molding Derlin Acetal Gear Bearing High Precision Steel Gear Plastic Gears Wheel Plastic Nylon66 GF Wheel Gear Roller Bearing Rubber Motorcycle Wheel Gear Roller Nylon PA66 Plastic Nylon GF 30% Wheel Gears PA66 Nylon66 Wheel Roller Roulet Wire Machined Derlin Acetal Plastic Wheel Roller Gears POM Plastic Roller Pulley Wheel Transport Wheel Roller Caps Nylon66+GF30% Metal Wheel Roller 

Plugs Caps

Clear FDA Silicone Rubber Plugs Waterproof Silicone Rubber Stopper Plug Caps Screw Black Rubber Plugs Stopper for Hole Rubber Gas Plug Cover Caps for Electronic Plastic Plugs Plastic Stopper Plastic Cover Plastic Caps Plastic Screw Cover Plastic Spacers Plastic Wall Plugs Plastic Wall Plugs Nylon Cork Nylon Plugs Plastic Rubber Grommet Plugs Cover Stooper Coating Urethane Plugs Polyurethane Stopper 

Wear Guide Ring

Plastic Nylon Guide Ring Derlin Support Ring PTFE Support Ring Plastic Nylon Teflon Wear Ring Polyurethane Wear Ring Poly Urethane Support Ring 

Sealing Strip

Black EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips EPDM Foam Spong Star Shaped Sealing Strips EVA Foam Spong Self-adhesive Sealing Strips 

Hose Tube Pipe

EPDM Water Oil Pipe NBR Oil Hose Tube Color Silicone Water Oil Hose Pipe Tube EPDM Rubber Auto Water Hoses Tubes Auto Rubber Hose Rubber Tubes Rubber Pipe Plastic Hose Nylon66 Tubes PE Hose 

Other Rubber Products

Custom Plastic Screw Cover Color Silicone Bicycle Bell TB Bell Rubber Soft Cover Protection Plug Silicone Caps Rubber Caps Rubber Washer Soft Rubber Covers Polyurethane TPU Flat Fork for Motorcycle Color Silicone Kitchen fork Rubber Kitchenware 

Other Plastic Products

Filter for Boat Ship Boat Oil Filters Household Accessories SS304 Plastic Concealed Hinges Plastic Architectural Ornaments Plastic Building products Glass Fiber Block Washer Gasket Bushing Coffee Machine Plastic Handle Plastic Nylon66 Handle Gray Plastic Nylon PA66 UHWPE Block Plastic Protection Plug Caps Oil Caps for Peugeot UHWPE Machining Parts Products Derlin 500P Parts Plastic PA+GF Fan Blade PA GF Plastic Parts Nylon Wedge Anchor Watch Window Plastic Round Insert Acrylic Name Card Holder Nozzles of Engineering Machinery 

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